Our Company

Teal Marketing Inc is a Knoxville-based sales and marketing firm. We represent some of the world’s most known and respected names in telecommunications, satellite, cable, and renewable energy by acting as their in-person sales team. We’ve been asked why such large companies choose to work with our firm instead of hiring an internal team. While some of it has to do with overhead cost and with the return on investment, a lot of it has to do with our training and sales techniques.

For our clients, we offer them a guaranteed 100% return on investment. This means that Teal Marketing Inc is so confident in our ability to perform that, if we don’t, they don’t have to pay us. For our clients, it becomes a no-brainer. We adopt all the overhead cost of hiring and training and motivating an internal sales team for ourselves, which in turn even gives our clients more time to do more important things such as creating a better product.

Teal Marketing Inc has a 100% internal promotion philosophy based on merit and ability over seniority. Every team member at Teal Marketing Inc starts in an entry level role where they are taught all of our sales systems and client’s product knowledge. As they move up into new positions, we push their leadership ability and personal management skills.

Learn more about Teal Markting Inc by visiting our website at https://tealmarketinginc.com!